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Perks of a UK Property Investment

UK-property-investmentOf all places, the United Kingdom is perhaps one of the most sought after investment sites in the world. With its massive economy, bustling tourism sector, esteemed universities, numerous businesses and promising population, it is no doubt worth one’s penny. But what exactly makes a UK property investment worth your while? We’ve dug up the facts and details and here’s what we’ve gathered.

#1: Rentals are high.

With its population, tourism and commercial charm, the UK has a huge demand on rental units, residential and commercial alike. Universities, in Oxford and Cambridge for example, have a strong student populace from both locals and foreigners. As a matter of fact, rental units in the area bring in significant levels of returns and profits so it’s always wise to invest in the country. Since demand is high, the price of units are pretty good too thereby hastening the return in one’s investment.

#2: Demand boosts value.

The demand for properties in the United Kingdom is great for its value. In economics, we’ve learned that the higher the demand and the lower the supply, the higher the price. So why is supply low? If you think about it, land does not multiply and it stays constant all throughout. Overtime, less and less become available for grabs.

#3: Market is wide.

The United Kingdom owes its huge demand to its vast majority of consumers composed of individuals, families, organizations and businesses in search of residential, commercial and industrial properties. As mentioned earlier, there are students in search of residential spaces. Families and working professionals from all over the world are no different. Organizations both for profit and nonprofit flock the area too and let us not forget the market brought by tourists and visitors. All these cater to a vast number and kind of properties both for sale and for lease. When market and demand is massive, it’s hard to have tenant vacancies. It shall also not take as long to sell a property.

#4: Location is suitable.

The United Kingdom is composed of various sectors and locations that cater to many needs. For example, tourist areas are great for hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Residential towns and subdivisions suit families and even foreigners who wish to stay long. There are so many UK property investment opportunities for everyone.


Crimes Committed in Property Auctions

property-auctionsProperty auctions are dubbed as an innovative means for buyers and sellers to trade real estate assets. It is defined as an intense and accelerated public sale through an open cry competitive bidding process where the acquisition rights to a particular property is awarded to the highest bidder in the room.

Many investors have found a great deal of success with property auctions, allowing them to better their portfolios and earn profits. However, not everyone is as lucky and skilled in such matter. In fact, a lot often fall prey to the following crimes.

Crime #1: Deficient Property Knowledge – Just because it’s an auction doesn’t mean that buyers cannot look into the assets. They could and they should. A visit would even be great. Validate things from titles to building condition and even market value. Never fully rely on the facts listed. Verify them yourself.

Crime #2: Process Idea at Nil – What are the procedures at an auction? Surely, the general ones apply to all but each property auction house, website and event is unique in their own ways. Read the brochure first, research and understand the procedures, terms and conditions.

Crime #3: Unprepared Resources – It pays to be prepared especially in matters concerning cash and financial resources. Most auctions will require bidders for a security deposit. Moreover, an upfront payment which is equivalent to a certain percentage will be asked of the winning bidder. Furthermore, the remaining balance will have to be paid within a specified time frame. Failure to have enough available resources will become a huge bummer in the process and even make you lose out in the end. Come prepared and arranged financing prior to the auction date.

Crime #4: Tittle-Tattle – Don’t spill the beans. Avoid divulging important information and details not only to co-bidders but even to the agents and sellers. Keep your cards as close to your chest especially in matters regarding the amount that you are willing and are capable of spending. Remember, loose lips sink ships. Shush and seal your lips.

Crime #5: Clueless Rookie – Experts do not suggest that one bids immediately. It is important to first have a firm grip as to how property auctions work and to do so, one will have to sit it out on their first one. Observe first. Learn then strategize and when everything’s all set and ready, go for the kill and win that asset.

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10 Characteristics of a Good Property Investment

investment propertyA wise investor knows what to look for in a good property investment. This here is no child’s play. Buying real estate is something that has to be taken seriously and with utmost smarts. This is no game you’ll want to lose your bet on knowing the significant values at stake.

And so you ask, what do wise investors look for in a property investment? Here are the top ten characteristics that mark an asset that’s worth investing on.

    1. LOCATION – The better situated a property is then all the more it becomes promising. The type of location eventually depends on its use. For example, a commercial space would do well in very public places while a rest house in more tranquil and private areas.
    2. VALUE POTENTIAL – Assets situated near or within certain structures and establishments tend to accumulate more value in time. For example, homes that are near proper roads are more valued than those that aren’t.
    3. USEFUL LIFE – The longer the property is deemed useful or functional then the better. It would even be best if such number exceeds the time by which you expect to make use of the space.
    4. ACCESSIBILITY – The more convenient it is to go to and from it makes it a good deal. For example, assets which are near transportation hubs, major roads and highways.
    5. AREA – Depending on its use, the asset has to have enough area to cover your needs. Cramped space is a huge blunder.
    6. STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY – The building itself must be sturdy enough o withstand not only years but even an earthquake for example. You don’t want something that’ll easily falter to the ground.
    7. SAFETY – This pertains to both the location and the physical features of the investment. Inspect, research and ask before you buy.
    8. PARKING SPACE – Residential, commercial and industrial properties need ample parking space otherwise it would be a huge headache in the long run. Particularly for commercial and industrial assets, parking is a must if one wants to keep customers.
    9. REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE – Ongoing costs are crucial and must be considered before settling on an investment. Check how much repair and maintenance costs the property will require. If it’s hefty then you better look elsewhere.
    10.  FLEXIBILITY – A good property investment has flexibility in terms of renovations and upgrades. This way, any changes are not only easier to perform but also beneficial in terms of vale appraisal.

Office Movers on Creating the Right Space for Work

office relocationNo one wants to work in cramped and tight spaces. Immobility can take away a whole lot of productiveness for individuals. If you don’t have enough shelving and storage, documents and files can tend to go haywire and cluttered. Scattered items can cover up walking areas and even cause accidents. At the same time it isn’t nice to look at. When professionals are bombarded with all types of eye sores and there is lack in movement, it shuns their ability to think better and be more productive at work. It’s the same thing as boxing up a plant. If you don’t give it enough space and sun then it won’t grow. You are stunting its growth which we all know isn’t good. So how then can you create the right work space for your office especially when you are just moving in your building? We’ve got tips and tricks from expert office movers to help everyone out.

  • Do the planning. – As Alan Lakein quoted, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” You should have a vision and objective in mind. This has to be put in paper and achieved through various methods and tasks. You can’t just wing it and go with whatever works. You have to think it through. After all, a good plan is the first step to success. Do it.
  • Know your blueprint. – You have to know what you are working with. You cannot properly prepare for and build up your office without having any idea as to the floor plan and actual blueprint design and area dimensions of your building and its rooms.
  • Do the maths. – It is also not enough to just know the dimensions of your office space. Measurements should also be done for your furniture and equipment. You need to know if they will fit in areas where you want them to stay. At the same time you don’t want to keep returning items you’ve purchased just because they aren’t the best size for the place you intended it to be.
  • Keep everyone moving. – Remove and avoid any road blocks to mobility in the office. It is best to keep and encourage everyone to move about, talk to colleagues and share ideas rather than enslaving them to their desks. A productive business has employees who can think, move and work outside of the box, literally and figuratively.
  • Ask advice and opinions. – Office movers also suggest entrepreneurs to seek advice not only from interior designers and architects but also from their own staff. Remember hat two or more heads are better than one.